II. Human–Machine Interactions

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This field draws on the analytical resources of many fields, including history, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy, to make sense of the historical and contemporary interactions between humans and machines.

One approach to this field examines the disciplines, such as cybernetics, that take human-machine interactions as their focus. Another takes the engagements themselves as the object of study, focusing on topics like the embodiment of social priorities in material cultures; conceptions of the body and the deployment of scientific instruments (from the perspectives of history, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy), the cultural place of prosthetics in re-imagining post-war bodies and nations; the sociology of wearable technologies; the place of the cyborg in contemporary culture; or the role of engineering drawings in mediating between minds and devices (from the perspectives of history, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy), to name a few.

Through all of these avenues, the field explores both the interactions and delineation of the human and the machine, as well as the larger spaces – historical, physical, cultural, epistemic – in which they come together.