Recent Grants

  • Berland, J. (2016-2020) SSHRC Insight Grant: Digital Animalities: Media Representations of Nonhuman Life in the Age of Risk.
  • Birch, K. (2018-2023) SSHRC Insight Grant: From entrepreneurship to rentiership: The changing dynamics of innovation in technoscientific capitalism ($270,000).
  • Nickerson, S. (2016) Creation and Presentation Grant for Artists, City Enrichment Fund, City of Hamilton: Creation ($7,560).
  • Nickerson, S. (2017) Writers Works’ in Progress Grant, Ontario Arts Council: Creation ($10,000).
  • Rutherford, A. (2017-2020) SSHRC Insight Grant: The Science and Politics of Gender: Feminist Psychology and its Publics in Late 20th-Century America ($123,426)
  • Teo, T. (2017-2022) SSHRC Insight Grant:  Laying the Foundation for the Psychological Humanities: Histories and Theories of Subjectivity ($145,443).

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