Postdoctoral Researchers

Kaden_swDr. Tom Kaden

[Link:] studied sociology and German literature at the Universities of Freiburg and Frankfurt am Main. He completed his sociological dissertation on professional creationism and anti-creationism in the United States in July 2014 at the University of Leipzig. The dissertation has since been published as a book [Link:] and won awards from the Universities of Leipzig and Heidelberg. Since October 2014 he works as a research associate at the Institute for Science and Technology Studies of York University in the project Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum [Link:] where he investigates how Canadian life scientists and members of the general public view the relationship between evolution and religion. He also works as assistant editor of Max Weber’s methodological writings for the German Complete Works (Max-Weber-Gesamtausgabe).

sylviaDr. Sylvia Nickerson

Sylvia Nickerson is a postdoctoral research fellow at York University where she contributes to the projects Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum and the John Tyndall Correspondence Project . Sylvia’s academic past has included the history and philosophy of mathematics (the philosophical foundations of mathematics, logicism, Bertrand Russell, and geometry) and the theory and practice of book history and print culture (she worked with nineteenth century printing presses at Massey College in Toronto). Her dissertation was about how material culture – the physical and organizational logistics of the nineteenth century printing and publishing trades – intersected with and shaped knowledge formation in mathematics. In 2014 Sylvia won the Peter Isaac Essay Prize and recently was awarded the best paper prize from the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics.

Sylvia also makes illustrations and graphic art in Hamilton Ontario, and has become increasingly interested how historical perspectives can be communicated using graphic storytelling.

Selected publications:

“Interview with Nicholas Griffin: Bertrand Russell on Science and Religion” (2015)
Bertrand Russell Society Bulletin, number 152, p. 23-29. (PDF)
Online at:

“Mathematics for the World: Publishing Mathematics and the International Book Trade, Macmillan and Co.” (2015) in Research in History and Philosophy of Mathematics, Proceedings of the Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics, Maria Zack and Elaine Landry (eds), New York: Birkhäuser, p. 121-137.

“Referees, Publisher’s Readers and the Image of Mathematics in Nineteenth Century England”, winner of the Peter Isaac Essay Prize, Publishing History (2013) 71: 27-67. (PDF)

“Taking a Stand: Exploring the role of the scientist prior to the first Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs, 1957”, Scientia Canadensis (2013) 36, 2:63-87. (PDF)
Online at:

“Russell, Clifford, Whitehead and Differential Geometry” with Nicholas Griffin, Russell: The Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies (2008) n.s. 28: 20-38. ­(PDF)