Our Program

Science & Technology Studies offers an interdisciplinary program of study focused on the critical role of science and technology, both past and present. Research in the field applies the methods and theories of the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies to the examination of technology and scientific knowledge and practice.

Science & Technology Studies is particularly well positioned to provide analytical, critical and historically informed insight to complex questions regarding science, health and engineering policy, intellectual property, expertise, ethics, and the public understanding of science. This field contributes to timely debates that bridge the academy and the world beyond it with a dexterity that is more difficult to achieve from within the traditional disciplines.

Our Students win scholarships!

Since the program began in 2009, 70 % of our PhD students have received external funding to support their studies from varied sources such as: SSHRC, OGS, Vanier, Trillium, Elia, Colciencias (Colombia), Tubitak (Turkey), NASA and Enbridge.

News & Events

15 May 2019: MA & PhD PROGRAM DEADLINE EXTENDED for 2019 entry!

We are still accepting applications for the MA and PhD programs until 15 June 2019. For application details, see here.

We have one international scholarship available for excellent candidates!

4 December 2018: Congratulations to Our Recent MA & PhD Graduates

Congratulations to our recent MA graduates:

  • Melissa Banyard (MA 2018) “Reflections on Design alongside Nonverbal Children and Proxies”
  • Sarah English (MA 2018) “Design Ethics in the User Experience (UX) Industry”
  • Yousif Hassan (MA 2018) “The Politics of Sharing: The Sociotechnical Imaginaries of Digital Platforms”
  • Merle Davis Matthews (MA 2018) “Researching Extraction, Refusing Extractive Research”
  • Steven Umbrello (MA 2018) "Safe-(for whom?)-by-design: Adopting a Posthumanist Ethics for Technology Design"

... and congratulations also to our recent PhD graduates:

  • Jordan Bimm (PhD 2018) "Anticipating the Astronaut: Subject Formation in Early American Space Medicine, 1949-1959"
  • Yana Boeva (PhD 2018) "Break, Make, Retake: Interrogating the Social and Historical Dimensions of Making as a Design Practice"
  • Dorian Deshauer (PhD 2018) "Inventing Psychiatric Drug Maintenance"
  • Jason Grier (PhD 2018) "Navigation, commercial exchange, and the problem of long-distance control in England and the English East India Company, 1673-1755"
  • Julia Gruson-Wood (PhD 2018) "'I’m A Juggling Robot’: An Ethnography of the Organization and Culture of Autism-Based Applied Behaviour Therapies in Ontario, Canada"
  • Bernhard Isopp (PhD 2018) "Mediating Public Science: Experts, Politics, and Climate Change in the News Media in Canada"
  • Ellie Louson (PhD 2018) "Never Before Seen: Spectacle, Staging, and Story in Wildlife Film's Blue-Chip Renaissance"
  • Jeffrey Wajsberg (PhD 2018) "Nearly Perfect: Notes on the Failures of Salvage Linguistics"

Dates and Deadlines

The deadline for 2019-2020 MA & PhD admissions has now passed. The admissions process will open again in late 2019 for entry in September 2020. Details of application process can be found here.