Our Program

Science & Technology Studies offers an interdisciplinary program of study focused on the critical role of science and technology, both past and present. Research in the field applies the methods and theories of the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies to the examination of technology and scientific knowledge and practice.

Science & Technology Studies is particularly well positioned to provide analytical, critical and historically informed insight to complex questions regarding science, health and engineering policy, intellectual property, expertise, ethics, and the public understanding of science. This field contributes to timely debates that bridge the academy and the world beyond it with a dexterity that is more difficult to achieve from within the traditional disciplines.

Our Students win scholarships!

Since the program began in 2009, 70 % of our PhD students have received external funding to support their studies from varied sources such as: SSHRC, OGS, Vanier, Trillium, Elia, Colciencias (Colombia), Tubitak (Turkey), NASA and Enbridge.

News & Events

20 September 2019 Congratulations to Our Recent MA Graduates

Congratulations! And all the best for the future!

  • Clarence Hatton-Proulx (MA 2019)
  • Edmund Konroyd-Bolden (MA 2019)
  • Hannah McElderry (MA 2019)
  • Laura Farkas (MA 2019)
  • Taracad Venkatachalam (MA 2019)
  • Andre Williams (MA 2019)
  • Susan Tarnow (MA 2019)


Dates and Deadlines

The deadline for 2019-2020 MA & PhD admissions has now passed. Details of the application process can be found here.
YUGSA Academic Funds deadline
Aug 1 all-day

These include the Conference Support Fund, Thesis Support Fund, and Skills Development Fund. Applicants are eligible for funding from only one of these funds per year. Average funding is $100 per applicant and varies depending on the number of applicants.

Conference Support Fund
This fund is for students presenting at a conference. This fund is not for students who are only attending conferences and it is not meant to be a primary source of funding for conferences.

Thesis Support Fund
This fund is designed to help defray the costs involved in producing theses or major papers. Expenses covered under this fund include the costs of supplies, materials, and services expended on the project. Purchases of reusable/resaleable items such as computers, books, and journals will not be covered.

Skills Development Support
This fund supports projects that help students develop skills in relation to their programme of study. It is intended for practical, skills-based training programs not offered at York.